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CET are Delighted to Announce our New Look

by Seán Maher

Managing Director

When we decided to change our name last year we knew we would have to rebrand.

We knew we wanted something that would acknowledge where we’ve been and yet keep an eye to the future. We wanted something modern and fresh. We also wanted the brand to be reflective of our culture and the spirit of CET Connect.

We engaged Strategic Marketer; Finola Howard and Brand Designer, John Rooney to create and roll out the brand for us and I have to say it’s been a very interesting process.

The Creation of a Brand Involves Everyone
We didn’t realise when we started how the creation of a brand is influenced by so many people. The process has involved not only all the team here at CET but our customers aswell. Speaking with our customers helped us understand what it was that they valued most in our relationship together and that we feel has grounded the whole experience.

Global and Human Connections
As you know from a previous post, we decided to change our name to CET Connect because we felt it represented not only the industry itself but also our relationship with both suppliers and clients. With this new brand we have been able to take this to another level and draw a link between what we actually do on a day to day basis and what it actually achieves on a human level.

Structured Cabling delivers connectivity which in turn connects people who do amazing things. Amazing things like saving lives in a Hospital, entertaining a Stadium full of fans, a physical online transaction and so much more. It is in fact something we are proud to be involved with every single day.

The Human Connection
This story of human connection is told in the circles you see throughout all the branding. They represent the cables and network points, the raw materials of the service provided and are in fact a visual representation of a cross section of a network cable.

So when you see that finished stadium, working environment or entertainments system you can also see that they are powered by deep layers and an overlay of systems much like we are.

So that’s the story of our brand. It’s been rolled out across all our commercial vehicles, signage, corporate identity, website, workwear and so much more. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this process both inside and in support of CET Connect. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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