Olympic Park Energy Scheme

The Olympic Park Scheme provided sporting, training, housing, visitor and media facilities for the 2012 Olympic Games and beyond. The energy scheme provides low carbon reliable and cost effective heating and cooling to all of the buildings within the area.

Scope of Work

The installation involved installing over 35 kilometres of single mode fibre optic cable through underground ducting and terminations at over 50 individual construction sites incl. Olympic Stadium, Aquatics, Athletes Village, Velodrome, Media Centre etc.

In addition to the technical expertise required for such an installation, huge consideration was given to logistics relating to access, security, health and safety etc.

The site team and management were both professional and resourceful and pleasant to work with.


CET was employed by Cofely East London Energy to undertake the installation of the fibre network for the Olympic park at Stratford London for the 2012 London Olympics. The work involved a great deal of logistics management in gaining access to over fifty different sites across the park to enable the 35,000 Km of fibre to be installed tested and set to work. CET provided suitable labour and tools to undertake the management and installation of this work in good time and quality.

The site team and management were both professional and resourceful and pleasant to work with. We would be happy to work with them again in another venture and are therefore happy to provide this reference to any of their future partners.

Mike Flynn
M&E Package Manager
Cofely East London Energy Ltd.

Aviva Stadium

Aviva Stadium is a 50,000 seat modern stadium which was built on the historical Lansdowne Road site, and is now the home for Ireland’s Rugby and Soccer teams. CET was awarded the contract by the Kentz group for the installation of the stadiums substantial fibre and copper backbone network.

Scope of Work

Fibre Optic Element: Supply and Install approx. 30,000 meters of Fibre Optic Cable and approx. 4,000 fibre optic splices.

Copper Element: Supply and Installation of approx. 8,000 meters of multi-Pair copper including site wide terminations.

Outside Broadcast Cable Installation: Installation of approx. 45,000 Meters of Broadcast Cable (coax, triax, audio etc).

The CET team members were flexible, practical, proactive and their work quality was excellent.


We engaged CET to install, terminate and test a large fibre optic cable network for the AVIVA Stadium. CET did excellent work and the company has a real can-do attitude which complemented our own construction team in many ways. They were responsive to the on-going scope changes and met extremely short time frames on many occasions.

The CET team members were flexible, practical, proactive and their work quality was excellent. In addition, they really went the extra distance when the project schedule required it. We appreciate the effort Sean and the team put into our project and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Branwen Kelly
Engineering Manager
Telecommunications Kentz Group

Additional Residential & Leisure Projects

Whitestown Way Hotel and Business
Centre, Tallaght, Co. Dublin

Network installation for the 120 bedroom Tower Hotel. This development also consisted of an office block and apartment block.

QTY of Points: Approx. 1400 points

D Hotel
Drogheda, Co. Louth

On the Site of the Scotch Hall Retail Centre this 104 bedroom 4 star hotel was cabled in Cat6 Brand Rex Cable.

QTY of Points: Approx. 700 points

Lough Erne Golf and Leisure Centre
Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh

Cat5e installation in the main hotel while each of the rooms in the 25 lodges has the same facilities in terms of network connectivity as the rooms in the main hotel. There are 5 no. outdoor distribution pillars located around the site. Each has a fibre and copper link to the main hotel Comms room and network connectivity to the lodges is supplied from these pillars.

QTY of Points: Approx. 1400 points

Adare Manor
Adare, Co. Limerick, Ireland

This Limerick based five-star luxury hotel includes a new 40 bedroom wing, ballroom, golf club, spa centre plus extensive renovations for the existing hotel.

CET works comprised of 3000 Cat6 and Cat6a for all the bedrooms, wings, golf club, restaurant, spa and activity centre. 20,000m of Fibre optic cabling and copper links to all associated buildings.